Today I had the privilege of meeting a couple who recently came home with 3 children from Haiti.  As I spoke with them and they poured their hearts out about how hard it has been, I totally saw how I… Read More ›

Friday night fights…

Amalia doesn’t want to leave daycare.  Took (literally) 15 minutes for her to get her stuff together Meanwhile Riley gets mad at her not moving it along…throws a sandal at her… Stop at Redbox to get a movie for movie… Read More ›

Baseball Days

It was another day of Baseball here in River City!  The first game up was Matthew’s at 9 am.  They were playing the top team in the league.  It was a rough first inning where the pitcher couldn’t find his… Read More ›

Rainy Saturday

The day dawned cloudy but dry.  After the rain on Thursday and chill on Friday I wasn’t sure we would make it.  Up for today – 3 baseball or softball games starting at 10:30 am and ending at 4. First… Read More ›