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  • Secret Matroyshka

    One of the Facebook groups I am on is a group of women / families who have adopted from Russia.  One of them came up with the idea of a “secret matroyshka” program.  Each of our kids is matched with… Read More ›

  • A busy Saturday…

    Up early to get to the baseball field at 8 …only to discover (after we got there) that the field is too wet from the torrential rains we have had the last week and the game is delayed until 11… Read More ›

  • Slowly plugging away…

    I asked my kids to give me some alone time for Mother’s Day so I could head into the sewing area and get some things done.  I have been trying some new patterns and had several things cut out and… Read More ›

  • This and that…

    Haven’t written anything in a while but figured I would catch up a little… …Went to Chicago for a meeting 2 weeks ago.  Took the kids with me – they had a better time than I did and got to… Read More ›

  • American Girl

    My 9 year old has become totally obsessed with American Girl dolls and their accessories.  As someone who rarely played with dolls, it has been so neat to see her and her sister playing with the dolls, imagining they are… Read More ›

  • January Sews…

    So, since committing to the RTW fast, I have been concentrating on what I need for my wardrobe and trying to consider things that I can use to expand my sewing skills and my ability to actually finish projects.  At… Read More ›

  • Baby it’s cold outside…

    and other activities. Well, we are hunkering down for a cold night tonight.  The weathermen have been getting people all hyped up for today and tomorrow.  This morning was an almost balmy 52.  but they were predicting that it would… Read More ›

  • End of the Year

    Well, another year is coming to a close.  There is a lot different on this blog than last year but I found myself a little too busy most of the time to keep updating.  But, I have had a good… Read More ›

  • SONP #4

    Found this fabric in the clearance section at Hancock Fabrics.  I immediately thought of making a maxi skirt from it.  It was $2 a yard and I ended up buying 4 yards.  Two other people in line asked where I… Read More ›

  • SONP Project # 3

    I’ve recently re-kindled my enjoyment of sewing and have shared a few dresses and skirts I have made the girls.  I also have been making a few skirts and outfits for myself.  It is really gratifying actually finding clothes that… Read More ›