After 11 days and 11 pounds, today I FINALLY feel better. I have been pretty down with an infection called Cryptosporidia. Cryptosporidia is a water borne parasite that causes GI illness. I have had horrible symptoms for the past 11… Read More ›


You know you are in your own personal “H” “E” “double hockey sticks” when you have 3 kids and you have been home sick for 3 days off of work and then two of them get sick too. Momma isn’t… Read More ›


The other night I was awakened by the sound of running water outside my bedroom door. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it might be so I got up to explore. And there…standing in front of… Read More ›


Today we went to the elementary school for their open house. With two entering Kindergarten, we were loaded down with pencils, supplies and sleeping mats. Both boys were very excited. Even though this is Matthew’s second time around, we are… Read More ›


Friday we went to Walmart to pick up ANOTHER pair of glasses for Matthew. We have gone thru 3 pairs since March. I initially bought a pair at the ophthalmologists office. These broke within a month. Before I found out… Read More ›

Vacation (Part 3)

Storyland with Denise, Nina and Elena On Saturday we left Maine for a 2 hour drive to North Conway NH. It was a 2 hour drive to an amusement park called “StoryLand”. StoryLand is a child’s amusement park with rides… Read More ›