Going back!

I have been working on getting my homestudy updated for about 10 months now. Initially I was planning on going back to Russia but because of all of the slowdowns with accreditation issues, I spent some time this spring and… Read More ›


For those of you who know us, you might know about Matthew’s struggles with Sensory Integration and (specifically) feeding. He basically came to me with an inability to chew and reflux and vomiting. The first two years were a blur… Read More ›

Weekend Fun

Well, it has been a good and bad weekend. I am on service starting tomorrow for the next two weeks so we will have full weekends with me working the larger part of the Saturdays. Yesterday Riley went to a… Read More ›


Christine, over at Smiles and Trials and The Ukraine Train tagged me today. I haven’t done this answering the four questions before so I will start with the basics and then update with Christine’s new questions. Jobs I’ve had in… Read More ›


Today started out cloudy and overcast with a slight drizzle. I can say that the thought of being cooped up with the kids – especially how they started out fighting from the time they awoke- was daunting. But… The sun… Read More ›


After 1 week of eating minimal amounts and vomiting, Matthew is also feeling better. I can tell because he has re-kindled his love affair with Mac & Cheese. Over the past month he has gone from a kid who preferentially… Read More ›