Leaving …

It’s almost the end of the vacation and the kids are showing the wear and tear (and so is the momma).   We did the tour of the Grand Canyon and it was overwhelming.  We decided to do the South… Read More ›

Secret Matroyshka

One of the Facebook groups I am on is a group of women / families who have adopted from Russia.  One of them came up with the idea of a “secret matroyshka” program.  Each of our kids is matched with… Read More ›

This and that…

Haven’t written anything in a while but figured I would catch up a little… …Went to Chicago for a meeting 2 weeks ago.  Took the kids with me – they had a better time than I did and got to… Read More ›


Found this fabric in the clearance section at Hancock Fabrics.  I immediately thought of making a maxi skirt from it.  It was $2 a yard and I ended up buying 4 yards.  Two other people in line asked where I… Read More ›

SONP Project # 3

I’ve recently re-kindled my enjoyment of sewing and have shared a few dresses and skirts I have made the girls.  I also have been making a few skirts and outfits for myself.  It is really gratifying actually finding clothes that… Read More ›