Freezer Cooking

Denise and I decided to do another freezer cooking session.  Several months ago, I introduced her to this program I use…MYFREEZEASY Erin has multiple monthly freezer cooking meals which are organized along different themes (by the meat content, by the… Read More ›

Freezer Cooking

Denise and I did a mega – freezer cooking session tonight.  Overall, it took about 1 1/2 hours to assemble 7 meals (doubled).  I had made the 8th meal earlier in the afternoon (tripled) with one put on for dinner… Read More ›

All Star Run

Riley and Matthew participated in Glen Allen’s Babe Ruth 11/12 U Major’s baseball program this year. This was one of those years that they could both be on the same team so I took advantage of it (so I was… Read More ›

American Girl

My 9 year old has become totally obsessed with American Girl dolls and their accessories.  As someone who rarely played with dolls, it has been so neat to see her and her sister playing with the dolls, imagining they are… Read More ›

Mt. Vernon

I love when I get chosen to chaperone my kid field trip. It offers such a different perspective on their lives and personalities. Today Amalia and I went to Mt Vernon. It was a beautiful day and aside from one… Read More ›

Freeze time…

Sunny 100 degrees blue water glistening 4 kids jumping off the high dive time after time after time It is days like this that I would love to freeze time.  Freeze it here where they are old enough to want… Read More ›