All Star Run

Riley and Matthew participated in Glen Allen’s Babe Ruth 11/12 U Major’s baseball program this year. This was one of those years that they could both be on the same team so I took advantage of it (so I was… Read More ›

The All Star

This All Star stuff is pretty intense! Not sure that Riley feels it, but boy -oh – boy am I anxious for him.  He takes things to heart so much and he’s let me know that he is nervous and… Read More ›

Two wheeler!!!

When I went through this 2 years ago with the boys, I didn’t think I would make it…especially Matthew who really got frustrated at not being able to balance. The last few weeks we have been riding bikes a little… Read More ›


and the living is easy!  Finally had a Friday night off.  No cubscouts…no basketball…no plans.  Got home and ate left over ziti and meatballs and I made a chocolate cake for the kids for dessert.  Things got a little worse… Read More ›