Single Parent

Night of tears…

It has been a night of fighting/grumping/and bickering.  The kids are swinging between playing and at each other’s throats.  I am totally done – wiped out.  I don’t think there will be much done tonight.  First Matthew and Riley…then Matthew… Read More ›

Rough Day

It started with about 10 loads of laundry that were …done…but not folded and an extra load that was folded but not put away.  (anyone else have issues with laundry that seems to get done but not put away? and… Read More ›


It was a busy day…first work, then over to my friend Randy’s for the boys to learn about people who were cubscouts years ago and then to dinner with Wendy and Pat.  We arrived home at around 4:30 and we… Read More ›

july 4th…

well, it was the 3rd but we celebrated with a barbecue with some friends for a birthday party, a trip to the local minor league ball park and fun had by all.  First we went out to dinner with our… Read More ›