Mothering boys

All Star Run

Riley and Matthew participated in Glen Allen’s Babe Ruth 11/12 U Major’s baseball program this year. This was one of those years that they could both be on the same team so I took advantage of it (so I was… Read More ›

This and that…

Haven’t written anything in a while but figured I would catch up a little… …Went to Chicago for a meeting 2 weeks ago.  Took the kids with me – they had a better time than I did and got to… Read More ›

Night of tears…

It has been a night of fighting/grumping/and bickering.  The kids are swinging between playing and at each other’s throats.  I am totally done – wiped out.  I don’t think there will be much done tonight.  First Matthew and Riley…then Matthew… Read More ›

Weekend musings…

After working yesterday I grabbed a few things at Dollar Tree and headed home.  When I got there, the kids were in rare form.  Addison had been sneaking behind the babysitter’s back to stick her fingers into the brownies I… Read More ›

Sweet boys…

There are so many good things about being a mother to boys – their honesty, their lack of modesty, their genuineness.  Both of my boys were so cute this week after I got my hair cut / colored.  First M: I… Read More ›

The All Star

This All Star stuff is pretty intense! Not sure that Riley feels it, but boy -oh – boy am I anxious for him.  He takes things to heart so much and he’s let me know that he is nervous and… Read More ›

How do you?

Embarass your nearly 9 year old son to death? Tell him that the mother of your 6 year old daughter’s friend told you today that her 6 year old thinks he is so cute that she can barely walk to… Read More ›

Too much…

This is going to be the baseball week from heck!  It is Wednesday and I am already tired.  First of all, we had a really busy holiday weekend – drove to Northern VA to visit with Jean and her family… Read More ›