Mothering 4


We started out after finishing our packing and stopped at Walgreen’s to buy a new prescription for Matthew and a toy for each of the kids.  we got to Hampton about 5 minutes ahead of time and found the Olive… Read More ›

Out to dinner

I took my kids out to dinner tonight and Matthew chose Red Robin.  They had just been in the pool so still had bathing suits that were a little wet.  And the restaurant was cold (because apparently if it is… Read More ›


So last week one of my cousins posted on Facebook asking what we remembered about our annual Fourth of July Party that we had with my dad’s family.  Alot of good memories were dredged up – including a reminder about… Read More ›


Addison has finally crossed the hurdle of fear and BELIEVES that she can swim.  This will really make my life so much easier this summer and I am not really excited about our trip to the beach in a few… Read More ›

I am not ready – Part 2

Driving home Logan starts talking… “Mom, Taylor told me that there is a new Good Luck Charlie that we can watch!” (keeps talking because apparently I am not absolutely necessary for this conversation) “In the show it tells about how… Read More ›

Two wheeler!!!

When I went through this 2 years ago with the boys, I didn’t think I would make it…especially Matthew who really got frustrated at not being able to balance. The last few weeks we have been riding bikes a little… Read More ›