Mothering 4

Four Less!

I “follow” a number of blogs of families who have adopted children – from the US, from Eastern Europe and from Africa.  Each family is amazing to me – in their faith and drive – but more importantly in how… Read More ›


It was a busy day…first work, then over to my friend Randy’s for the boys to learn about people who were cubscouts years ago and then to dinner with Wendy and Pat.  We arrived home at around 4:30 and we… Read More ›

How long?…

…can I expect them to stay innocent? Breakfast conversation today… R: “Hey mom, do you know what “six” is in Germany? Me: “no…” R: “Sex!” “Ha, Ha, Ha” Me: “do you know what sex is?” R: “um, no…like SEXY” M:… Read More ›

Weekend follies…

I am working some this weekend.  But most of the weekend will be me and the kids.  There is the Richmond Folk Festival in town and I’ve been hearing about it alot today but …I don’t know…4 kids…1 mom…downtown with many… Read More ›

Busy Weekend

This weekend my sister is getting (re-) married in Massachusetts.  She and her husband have been married for 20 years.  We took off on Thursday afternoon for the “trip of a lifetime” !  We made it just North of DC… Read More ›