Mothering 4


My house has gotten an unexpected spring cleaning today and new pillows…and lots of hot water washes and extra hot drying of sheets and clothes…and one 6 year old girl who is totally excited about the day off of school… Read More ›

Saturday Baseball…

Baseball has started again this year.  After some of the trouble last year I wasn’t sure anyone was going to play.  Riley Then, when I went to sign up, I found out that the dates that allow people into the… Read More ›

Last day of vacation…

Even  though I haven’t been off for Winter Break, it feels like a vacation given that my kids have been home and out of school.  Yesterday we took the Christmas tree and associated in-door decorations down and brought them to the… Read More ›

Rough Day

It started with about 10 loads of laundry that were …done…but not folded and an extra load that was folded but not put away.  (anyone else have issues with laundry that seems to get done but not put away? and… Read More ›