Money Sense

Financial Goals for 2010

Over at Life as Mom she is encouraging people to share their financial goals for the new year …cuz…you know…if you write it down, it makes it more likely you’ll actually feel like you have to do it.


…so, as I was frantically trying to wrap the presents on Monday afternoon, I got a call from the daycare…It seems that another child had put his Nintendo DS down to charge and Matthew had picked it up and broken… Read More ›

Baking Day.

I was able to get some shopping done yesterday afternoon (without kids so it was power – shopping!).  I hadn’t been to the grocery store since the first week in November so we were down pretty low on fresh fruits… Read More ›


I saw this deal on one of the blogs I read frequently – Money Saving Mom.  KFC is giving away coupons for a 2-piece meal (including 2 pieces of their new grilled chicken, with 2 sides and a biscuit).  If… Read More ›

Random Musings…

WOW we need an infomercial for this thing!  Look,  the amazing Kleer Drain.  Using the power of a CO2 gun you can blast out the peskiest clog from any drain!                                                                                   I’ve had a problem with my toilet in the master… Read More ›


Okay, I usually don’t fall for alot of things but a couple months ago I was reading this frugal website and they talked about the SWAGBUCKS site.  So I went to it and was very skeptical so didn’t sign up. … Read More ›