Freezer Meals

Freezer Cooking

Denise and I decided to do another freezer cooking session.  Several months ago, I introduced her to this program I use…MYFREEZEASY Erin has multiple monthly freezer cooking meals which are organized along different themes (by the meat content, by the… Read More ›

Dinner Success!

Winter has hit in VA!  It has been barely above freezing during the day for the last few days and the weather people are calling for 5-8″ of snow between Saturday – Sunday this weekend.  That means that most likely… Read More ›

Freezer Cooking

Denise and I did a mega – freezer cooking session tonight.  Overall, it took about 1 1/2 hours to assemble 7 meals (doubled).  I had made the 8th meal earlier in the afternoon (tripled) with one put on for dinner… Read More ›


…the weather is getting cooler overnight and that brings out the comfort food making…clean house desiring…clothes sorting in me. …I spent most of the morning cooking 2 large batches of waffles.  I ended up making 5 large bags which are… Read More ›

Busy Sunday

The weather cooperated today and was sunny and warm most of the day.  After eagerly grudginly helping me with cleaning up the family room and living room (not to mention cleaning their own rooms) I could kick them outside and… Read More ›

Last day of vacation…

Even  though I haven’t been off for Winter Break, it feels like a vacation given that my kids have been home and out of school.  Yesterday we took the Christmas tree and associated in-door decorations down and brought them to the… Read More ›


So last week one of my cousins posted on Facebook asking what we remembered about our annual Fourth of July Party that we had with my dad’s family.  Alot of good memories were dredged up – including a reminder about… Read More ›


and the living is easy!  Finally had a Friday night off.  No cubscouts…no basketball…no plans.  Got home and ate left over ziti and meatballs and I made a chocolate cake for the kids for dessert.  Things got a little worse… Read More ›