Day 21

In the “if it rains it pours” category…we got our first cast of the children today.  Yesterday we spent about an hour at a local playground.  They have a lot of hanging toys and monkey bars.  Amalia was hanging on… Read More ›

Days 14 & 15

11/14:  Thankful for a night where we read books instead of watching TV before bedtime 11/15: Tough day.  3/4 kids had bad reports from teachers or daycare providers; I am thankful for a warm house and a couch to lie… Read More ›


I am thankful for an essentially lazy Sunday – only left the house to get the kids out to get some exercise …cleaned the garage…4 loads of laundry… and 2 lasagnas …9 chicken salad sandwiches…an extra-large batch of pumpkin French Toast all made and… Read More ›

Day 12

Today i am thankful for a wonderful cubscout troop…a day of achievements…2 boys who were fascinated, polite and participating…and a wonderful dinner with good friends.