This and that…

Haven’t written anything in a while but figured I would catch up a little… …Went to Chicago for a meeting 2 weeks ago.  Took the kids with me – they had a better time than I did and got to… Read More ›

American Girl

My 9 year old has become totally obsessed with American Girl dolls and their accessories.  As someone who rarely played with dolls, it has been so neat to see her and her sister playing with the dolls, imagining they are… Read More ›

A little red dress…

Yup.  Really getting into the sewing thing again.  I actually sat down and did several pieces after work last week (after work, after dinner, after bedtime for the kids).  I threw this together Monday evening for Addi to wear to… Read More ›

More Sewing…

Amalia has outgrown many of her clothes so she is one of the first people who I am trying to make clothes for this summer.  She is a great model too.  This skirt I drafted using the tutorial here.  I… Read More ›


Addison has a Minnie Mouse thing.  She talks about her as if she is real.  The other day while browsing the sale bolts at Hancock Fabrics, I found this red and white polka dot knit fabric that looked like Minnie… Read More ›

Mt. Vernon

I love when I get chosen to chaperone my kid field trip. It offers such a different perspective on their lives and personalities. Today Amalia and I went to Mt Vernon. It was a beautiful day and aside from one… Read More ›


Riley hasn’t had a chance to pitch with this new team.  The same 3 kids pitched the first two weekends but for the last couple weeks he has been coming home and saying that he was pitching the next tournament. … Read More ›


…the weather is getting cooler overnight and that brings out the comfort food making…clean house desiring…clothes sorting in me. …I spent most of the morning cooking 2 large batches of waffles.  I ended up making 5 large bags which are… Read More ›