Girly girls

Today my two girls discovered some $1 high heels that I had bought for Logan’s Princess party.  They have been clip/clop/sliding all day – well aside from the fighting that happens when one has the slipper that the other wants! … Read More ›

I may not make it …

…through the whole 3 day weekend…the constant “I wants” is driving me crazy.  Today is Riley’s birthday.  I will write another post about my amazing  year old boy.  But, I didn’t sleep last night; tossed and turned and finally got… Read More ›

Mother’s Day

Today was a milestone of sorts.  Every year the daycare or the school has done some sort of project for Mother’s day but it didn’t seem really personal and the boys didn’t really understand what it was all about.  Today,… Read More ›


Yesterday, as I was walking out of the office I got a phone call from the daycare saying that M. had vomited.  So, as I entered the door, they handed me the form to sign that said I wouldn’t bring… Read More ›


I saw this deal on one of the blogs I read frequently – Money Saving Mom.  KFC is giving away coupons for a 2-piece meal (including 2 pieces of their new grilled chicken, with 2 sides and a biscuit).  If… Read More ›

Making Lunch

So, as you may know, I am trying (again) to do the Weight Watchers thing to lose weight.  I want this to be the last time and I think I have learned a few things this time around that I… Read More ›


It is great to be home.  My session at the meeting went well and I ran back to the hotel to pick up the kids from the babysitting service.  It was raining all day in Baltimore and as we were… Read More ›

Visit to the asylum

Yeah, what was I thinking?  I’ll take the 4 kids to Baltimore with me for the weekend…we’ll give them the opportunity to walk around a little and I won’t have to pay for full days of babysitting cuz the meeting… Read More ›

Youre the best, Mom!

It sometimes takes so little to make such a big impression! We were working on a milestone this week.  Matthew had a whole week last week of smiley faces on his school behavior chart.  I don’t think he had ever… Read More ›