…so, as I was frantically trying to wrap the presents on Monday afternoon, I got a call from the daycare…It seems that another child had put his Nintendo DS down to charge and Matthew had picked it up and broken… Read More ›


Tonight the boys had their second basketball practice.  It started at 5 PM and that is a time where the meds have started to wear off –if you know what I mean—but they did great.  Matthew has refined his underarm… Read More ›


…from one thing to the next.  That was my plan for the day.  Arrive at work around 7:45 and then go to AM report.  Do orientation speech for the applicants and rush to my office to deliver a PIF I… Read More ›

Kid # 2

is acting better tonight (thank god).  He scared me a little last night as he moaned his way through the night.  Today he had snippets of ADD behavior alternating with lethargy and punkiness.  I gave him only some of his… Read More ›

All Hallows Eve

It was no the picture perfect Halloween that I had hoped for.  This week just kicked my butt and last night we stopped at McD’s for dinner and after a couple of movies, we went to bed.  This morning we… Read More ›

Not much to say

…have a horrible cold and am barely able to keep up with the most pressing emergencies at work.  Today when I arrived at the daycare, Addison called over to me as she put a hula-hoop up over her hips and… Read More ›