Baking Days

Dinner Success!

Winter has hit in VA!  It has been barely above freezing during the day for the last few days and the weather people are calling for 5-8″ of snow between Saturday – Sunday this weekend.  That means that most likely… Read More ›


…the weather is getting cooler overnight and that brings out the comfort food making…clean house desiring…clothes sorting in me. …I spent most of the morning cooking 2 large batches of waffles.  I ended up making 5 large bags which are… Read More ›

Weekend musings…

After working yesterday I grabbed a few things at Dollar Tree and headed home.  When I got there, the kids were in rare form.  Addison had been sneaking behind the babysitter’s back to stick her fingers into the brownies I… Read More ›

Busy Sunday

The weather cooperated today and was sunny and warm most of the day.  After eagerly grudginly helping me with cleaning up the family room and living room (not to mention cleaning their own rooms) I could kick them outside and… Read More ›

French Toast

Tonight I made french toast with the Cinnamon-Raisin bread I made this weekend.  We also had some turkey bacon.  The french toast came out very good with just a sweetness of the raisin.   I used the new griddle that Denise… Read More ›

5 thumbs up…

We’re eating from the pantry and I committed to some better meal planning in order to keep to my budget.  Today I spent $4.50 on mushrooms and didn’t buy anything else since the only other thing I needed (bananas) were small,… Read More ›