American Girl

My 9 year old has become totally obsessed with American Girl dolls and their accessories.  As someone who rarely played with dolls, it has been so neat to see her and her sister playing with the dolls, imagining they are… Read More ›

Mt. Vernon

I love when I get chosen to chaperone my kid field trip. It offers such a different perspective on their lives and personalities. Today Amalia and I went to Mt Vernon. It was a beautiful day and aside from one… Read More ›


Riley hasn’t had a chance to pitch with this new team.  The same 3 kids pitched the first two weekends but for the last couple weeks he has been coming home and saying that he was pitching the next tournament. … Read More ›

Freeze time…

Sunny 100 degrees blue water glistening 4 kids jumping off the high dive time after time after time It is days like this that I would love to freeze time.  Freeze it here where they are old enough to want… Read More ›

Still growing…

There are days when I get down on myself and spend too much time worrying about the future and not enjoying today.  Yesterday was a day like that.  And then there are days where I can see that our kids are capable… Read More ›

Four Less!

I “follow” a number of blogs of families who have adopted children – from the US, from Eastern Europe and from Africa.  Each family is amazing to me – in their faith and drive – but more importantly in how… Read More ›

My sweetheart…

Riley has become a sweetheart lately…thoughtful…helpful…(okay, still has his moments like this morning when he was throwing Lucky Charms across the table at Matthew) but… On Tuesday as I picked them up from daycare he asked if we could go home… Read More ›


…from one thing to the next.  That was my plan for the day.  Arrive at work around 7:45 and then go to AM report.  Do orientation speech for the applicants and rush to my office to deliver a PIF I… Read More ›