Open Hearts…

This is a difficult post for me to write. I try not to share some of my trials because I still worry about judgement (after all, I chose this life), about “first world problems” (after all, I am graced with… Read More ›

Four Less!

I “follow” a number of blogs of families who have adopted children – from the US, from Eastern Europe and from Africa.  Each family is amazing to me – in their faith and drive – but more importantly in how… Read More ›

So, after I spent $300 on baseball equipment, played outside in the 10 degree windchill trying to teach them how to catch and throw… bought DS games at $5 Below…made lunch…brought Riley to a birthday party…brought the rest of them… Read More ›

Kid # 2

is acting better tonight (thank god).  He scared me a little last night as he moaned his way through the night.  Today he had snippets of ADD behavior alternating with lethargy and punkiness.  I gave him only some of his… Read More ›

Girly girls

Today my two girls discovered some $1 high heels that I had bought for Logan’s Princess party.  They have been clip/clop/sliding all day – well aside from the fighting that happens when one has the slipper that the other wants! … Read More ›

Behavior Issues

R. has been having a tough time the last few months. He has become velcro boy…doesn’t want me to be out of his sight for a minute. He also has become more defiant and trying to get away with things… Read More ›