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  • Maine

    The kids and I are are vacationing in Maine. So far beautiful weather and relaxing. Went to Congdon’s donuts parking lot for their “after dark” food truck extravaganza. Good food! they were not thrilled with me taking a selfie but… Read More ›

  • Freezer Cooking

    Denise and I decided to do another freezer cooking session.  Several months ago, I introduced her to this program I use…MYFREEZEASY Erin has multiple monthly freezer cooking meals which are organized along different themes (by the meat content, by the… Read More ›

  • Dinner Success!

    Winter has hit in VA!  It has been barely above freezing during the day for the last few days and the weather people are calling for 5-8″ of snow between Saturday – Sunday this weekend.  That means that most likely… Read More ›

  • Family Pictures

      We had family pictures taken a couple months ago.  In 15 minutes she was able to capture all of the personalities of the kids (luckily since I don’t think they would have made it much longer than 15 minutes). … Read More ›

  • Freezer Cooking

    Denise and I did a mega – freezer cooking session tonight.  Overall, it took about 1 1/2 hours to assemble 7 meals (doubled).  I had made the 8th meal earlier in the afternoon (tripled) with one put on for dinner… Read More ›

  • Ginger

    Our dog Ginger has almost been with us for a year! It is hard to believe. She has brought a different dynamic to the house though I must admit that I never thought “I” would be the dogs favorite! Here… Read More ›

  • Long lost blog

    Amalia and her friends discovered my blog this week. I haven’t posted in 4 years! Tonight the girls went to the “neon” dance at school and now we are out to dinner and there will be about 10 girls sleeping… Read More ›

  • Baylie Bear Cowl

    So, I saw this picture on Facebook a few days ago.  It was a picture of a cowl / hood that is crocheted and has bear ears.  It was finished with a button on the cowl area and could be… Read More ›

  • The Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee – Project 1

    Pattern Review is an website that attracts thousands of sewists around the world to talk, review, and learn about sewing of all types. One of the fun things I like to read about (though very rarely participate) are the contests… Read More ›

  • Leaving …

    It’s almost the end of the vacation and the kids are showing the wear and tear (and so is the momma).   We did the tour of the Grand Canyon and it was overwhelming.  We decided to do the South… Read More ›