I am the single mom to 4 children adopted from the Rostov-on-Don Region of Russia.  Life with 4 kids between the ages of 11 and 6 can be hectic and crazy but we are managing to have some fun along the way.  This blog is about my attempts (usually failed) to keep house, entertain the kids and still get to work on time!

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  1. You certainly have my admiration. When my husband and I adopted our son, we said we would adopt a daughter also. Well, we can barely handle the one son. I can’t image how you do it, just you and 4 children! Oh my goodness. !!!!!!!!


  2. I noticed your comment on Kate’s blog and stopped by. I have four adopted children, too – the oldest, Sergei is from Rostov! I adopted him from Ivanovo, though, where he was in boarding school. We have connected with his biological sister in Rostov Oblast, so I hope to go visit there!!

    I am, for this year, a single mom as my husband is working in Korea. It is quite a challenge.

    I am not a “word press” savvy person, but I hope to get to know you better.


  3. wow you are one impressive momma!


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