Dinner Success!

Winter has hit in VA!  It has been barely above freezing during the day for the last few days and the weather people are calling for 5-8″ of snow between Saturday – Sunday this weekend.  That means that most likely we won’t have school the first few days of next week…

So, it has been a busy week and I haven’t don’t much meal planning.  So, as I was driving home, shivering as the heat kicked in, I started thinking about what I could pull together.  Amalia called me and asked for grilled cheese sandwiches so I thought of tomato soup! (hoping that we had some in the pantry – since all of the kids like it including Matthew).

Cue – get home, check pantry…nothing.  Ugh!  So, cue the internet and I looked up “homemade tomato soup”.  I have tried to make tomato soup before and neither the kids nor I liked it much so when I saw “three ingredient tomato soup” I thought, …hmmm how can I go wrong.   Here is the recipe link.  But basically it is canned tomatoes, onion, and butter! (and salt and water).  I decided to put the ingredients in the instant pot so I didn’t have to watch it (melt the butter on saute, add the canned tomatoes, onion (chopped up in big chunks), water and salt).  Turned it on the soup setting (30 minutes) and let it go.

Meanwhile I made the grilled cheese sandwiches and did a rapid release of the instant pot.  Mixed it all up with the immersion blender (which makes it creamy and smooth).

Matthew was so funny.  He LOVES canned tomato soup.  So as I was cooking, he was asking me why I didn’t have any canned soup and then…”it isn’t going to be good…it is going to be different…do you think I will like it…why don’t you have canned soup…I don’t want any…can I have boneless chicken wings in the freezer?”  It took 7 minutes for the rapid release of the steam and he went on the ENTIRE time.  I finally told him that he could have hot dogs if he didn’t want to try and so he put 4 hot dogs in the microwave and ate them.

When I finally got it blended, I handed him a small bowl (and added some milk so he wouldn’t burn his mouth) which he proceeded to suck down in 2 minutes so I asked if he wanted more and he “enthusiastically” said yes and brought his bowl over to the pot.  So he ended up eating a full bowl and a half!  Both girls had a bowl and Riley had some.  I melted a little cheddar cheese in mine and it was great!

I have about 3 bowls left (after making a double batch).  Will be nice to have leftovers for the snowy weekend.

I give it 5 stars!

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