The Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee – Project 1

Pattern Review is an website that attracts thousands of sewists around the world to talk, review, and learn about sewing of all types.

One of the fun things I like to read about (though very rarely participate) are the contests that they have.  There is usually a theme to the contest (right now there is a Handbag contest running) and for the month of November they have started what they call the Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee (modeled after the Great British Sewing Bee show).  There will be 4 projects this month and you have a week to complete the project and get it submitted.  Each week there will be “winners” and a certain percentage of the sewers of the completed projects will move forward into the next week.

(As if I have the time) …I decided to try to join.  The first project announced was to sew an A-line skirt complete with a zipper, waistband, lining and closure of the waistband (zipper, hook and eye, etc).  I have been meaning to make a “denim” skirt for about 2 years and had fabric and the pattern but it was unlined (as denim skirts are).  One of the other commenters talked about making a denim skirt with a flannel lining for the winter and I thought it was a great idea.

The project was challenging for me – I hardly ever finish something in a week!  – and this included some challenging (just not used much in my typical sewing) things like a “fly front and zipper” – I’ve never done one before!  and a button hole (haven’t done one in 2 years that I have had my new sewing machine and wasn’t clear how to do it) as well as I haven’t “drafted” a pattern for a lining and put it in without instructions before.

So, I started really good in the beginning of the week and cut it out on Sunday and sewed parts of it including putting in the fly front zipper on Monday and Tuesday.  But then I had a car accident on Wednesday evening and that blew that night and Thursday as I was too shaky to think about much else.  So, our review and project had to be uploaded to the site by midnight Friday and I wasn’t feeling it as I was driving home, but then decided to get my big girl panties on and decided to finish.  I had the waistband, the hemming of both the lining and the skirt and the buttonhole and button to do.  It really felt good to get it done and it fits really well.  I had bought some bright green thread to do topstitching, but that was not going to get done and I like the skirt simple – it will be something I wear for sure!


(on me…kind of dark pictures cuz Amalia took them at 9:30 at night )


The lining view (isn’t it cute? – it matches the color blue of the denim)


My one style change was I made the pocket lining out of the lining fabric and turned and topstitched it down so you can see that on the edges of the pockets (again, dark picture so hard to see)

Overall, I am really proud of myself – not only do I have a wearable skirt but I pushed through my insecurities with the difficult parts (zipper, fly front, button hole) and am proud of how it came out – Not perfect but definitely wearable!

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  1. Congrats on the skirt Sue. Don’t know how you find the time. Hope the accident was nothing serious. Mike
    BTW, Christian’s team is at W&M again this year. Fri 3/6 thru Sun 3/8. Hope to see you..


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