Leaving …

It’s almost the end of the vacation and the kids are showing the wear and tear (and so is the momma).  

We did the tour of the Grand Canyon and it was overwhelming.  We decided to do the South Rim tour which is a 5 hour drive from Vegas.  They stopped 3 times before we were 100 miles in.  Then the grind kicked in and we drove nearly 3 hours without stopping.  

Addison sat with me for most of it on the very full tour bus.  We finally arrived and the kids were cranky and tired.  The next stage was a 2.5 mile hike (stroll) down the trail.  It was paved and smooth.  But the kids were having none of it.  Waaa!  how much longer?…  it’s hot!… I have to go to the bathroom…I’m hungry (by my non-eating child)…made even the scenery difficult to appreciate.  After 1 1/2 hours of whining by 6 different kids we finally made it to the end of the trail and went into the store to buy each of them a “souvenir”.  I think they will (unfortunately) remember the toy they got more than the Grand Canyon – and …quite honestly, not a one will remember the Hoover Dam!

We stopped only once on the way home and most of the bus (except my kids) slept.  Matthew and Amalia both came up with me for a while and dozed on my shoulder.  We got back into the hotel around 10 pm and everyone just fell asleep where they lay.  


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