My girls still like ruffles…

When Veronica of sewVery asked me to participate in her sewVery Sunny Day dress/shirt pattern testing, I felt a little over my head…why oh why did I agree but it ends up that even a sewing “hacker” like me can pull off a beautiful dress if I have the right fabric (and of course the right model)!

The sewVery Sunny Day dress and shirt pattern is an electronic pattern that can be made into a dress or a shirt and either can be made with our without a ruffle on the front.  When I did the pattern testing, I received permission to test a size 10 with the ruffle.  My first attempt was with a very slippery material for Amalia.  I didn’t think my 9 1/2 year old would like the ruffles but when I finished it, the thing she liked the most was the ruffle on the front!  Who knew?!

2014-07-27 10.29.07

2014-07-27 10.29.28


The dress/shirt is backless and has elastic at the bottom to help keep it up.  My girls are all about backless in the summer.

 2014-07-27 10.29.38         2014-07-27 10.29.57-1

(for our adoption friends, the print is matryoshka! – another thing my girls are all about!)

The pattern prints on 8 pages that you tile together.  One thing I liked was that the front, front lining and the back are all on one page.  Trace off the 3 pieces and …bam…one dress or shirt coming up.

After the testing period, Veronica sent all of the testers a copy of the full pattern.  If you want a copy, Veronica of sewVery has it on sale here.

Addison was so jealous of Amalia’s shirt, my next up was a dress for her.  I decided to use this printed lightweight denim that I had found at Hancock’s on the clearance table.  I think it was $1 / yard and I bought the whole bolt thinking I could make the girls a denim coat and maybe pants for the school year.  NO more slippy slidey fabric for me – too fiddly for a quick summer dress.

It was definitely easier to make the dress after having made one before.  Both girls decided that they wanted a dress this time – and both still wanted the ruffle on the front – so, I obliged them and made one for both girls!  It took me an afternoon.  This time I cut the size 8 for both girls and just made the elastic shorter.  Through the testing process, Veronica had recommended trying on the dress/shirt with the elastic size recommended and then adjust it to fit.  I ended up cutting off about 2 inches for Addison and 1 inch for Amalia.

2014-08-04 08.39.11         2014-08-04 08.39.29

She loved it so much that she sat down as I was finishing up and pulled out her sewing machine and made herself a headband!  She was so proud to wear it to daycare the next day!

2014-08-04 08.39.49          2014-08-04 08.39.57

She is a ham when it comes to getting pictures taken.  And when it is a ruffled, backless dress and headband that she made herself…well, it is hard to keep her down!  But this dress is definitely a winner if her smile is any indication!

2014-08-04 08.39.59

If you want to purchase the pattern (and I recommend you do!) you can go to the sewVery Craftsy page.  Stop by the Sunny Day Dress & Top Pattern Tour sites over the next week to see all the other versions of the dress and to see some of the “non-ruffled” versions as well!

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