Weekend activities

Saturday was a (relatively) calm day.  The girls had a sleepover Friday night and so they weren’t home.  The boys and I got up and got dressed for a Scrimmage game.  I sat in the car drinking my coffee for the preliminary practice and when I walked up to the bleachers, I saw Riley in the bullpen pitching.  He had an awesome game!

Riley was doing a lot of pitching the last 3 games of the regular rec league play but since the All Stars started, he hadn’t pitched at all.  The coach was using him pretty exclusively as the main catcher – but also some 3rd base.  Turns out he let him pitch 2 innings and he caught the rest of the game.  He got 4 strike outs and no runs.  He threw one batter out at second and got someone out at the plate when he was catching.

We picked the girls up on the way home and then I left the 4 kids at the house while I went in and saw a couple new consults. When I got home, I was so tired, that I lay on the couch and fell asleep.  I finally made some dinner and we watched a movie.

Today we all woke up later than usual.  we had a lazy breakfast and then they watched some TV and played xbox while I did a little cleaning.  I filled some bottles with gatorade for the week and cut out some kits for the matroyshka stuffed animals the kids and I are making.  Finally I started sewing the wrap dress I cut out a few weeks ago.  I’ve got the most part of the bodice completed.  The material is a very stretchy knit and fiddly to work with but I like how it has come out so far.

I also bought some gauzy fabric at the 50% off sale at Hancock’s today for a maxi dress.  That will be my next project.  It looks like it is only 3-4 pieces so I’m going to try and cut it out this week.

Here’s Matthew and Riley’s baseball rec team.  They were a great group of boys.


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