Simple Sewing

I cut out two bags to make for the girl’s teachers and interfaced the handles and fabric last night.  Unfortunately, I miscalculated the amount of accent fabric I needed so I couldn’t start sewing until I go back to Joann’s and pick up some more.  In the meantime, Addison has been complaining about not having enough shorts to wear and since we are just starting to go into summer, I decided to find some free quick patterns to make some shorts and use up some of the fabric I bought off of Craig’s list for the girls to use and to use as muslins!

There are a lot of patterns for self-drafted knit shorts but most of the Craig’s list fabric is woven.  I finally found a free pattern for a “7” year old and hoped that it would not need too many tweaks given that Addison is kind of small for her age.


So, after some technical difficulties (my vintage sewing machine decided to lose tension completely)!


I  made the inside lining of the pocket in a contrast color.  should have done the other side but I did put the patch pocket in well!  It was one of my first attempts at pockets.


Here is the front.  I did a pretty good job of plaid matching on the fly!  they fit her well – except the waistband too high for her (right at the belly button).  Next pair I will cut the front waist area lower for her.


Here is the back.  you can see the pattern matching pretty well!




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