Secret Matroyshka

One of the Facebook groups I am on is a group of women / families who have adopted from Russia.  One of them came up with the idea of a “secret matroyshka” program.  Each of our kids is matched with another kid similar in age.  we will send gifts to our secret pal monthly until Christmas.  My girls had a lot of fun with this first month.  The theme was baking, cooking and barbecue.  Addison hasn’t received her gift yet (and boy has she let us know!).  But today the other 3 got theirs.  here were their expressions…



Here’s Matthew standing by our new refrigerator.  Look how shiny!  (and magnets don’t stick to it so it will stay nice and uncluttered like that.  He loves the snow cone maker!  Riley and he had given it a try while I was driving home from work.  Riley says you have to do a lot of cranking to get one snow cone.




Riley was a little disappointed that the apron he got was made for someone much younger.  Though I think he liked the attention, he was a little embarrassed by the other ones giggling when I tried to make him pose for a picture anyway!







He likes to bake so I think he will like the cookbook (when he stops getting teased!)











Amalia decided to ham it up from the beginning.  She loved her cookbook for “Girls”….







…her popsicle molds…



…And last but not least …her cupcake decorating kit!  





She has already decided we are making “lemon drop” cupcakes.  I can’t even imaging what those are!  I’m hoping to get the kids much more involved in the choosing of the gifts to send.  I picked generic things this month but now we have pictures of the kids so I can let my kids try and pick something they think the kid would like based on what they looked like!

Happy May everyone!

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