A busy Saturday…

Up early to get to the baseball field at 8 …only to discover (after we got there) that the field is too wet from the torrential rains we have had the last week and the game is delayed until 11 am start…

Unfortunately, our freezer died a two weeks ago and we were supposed to have the new one delivered this morning between 10 and 12…So, after a few starts and stops…forgotten gloves/mitts/bats in the car and the girls and I headed back to home to empty the refrigerator part before they arrived…leaving the boys with the coaches.

Meanwhile at home, we cleaned out the fridge and I cut out 3 sleeveless T-shirts and another one of the blouses that I made last week.  While I was doing that, Amalia pulled her machine out and got some scrap fabric and made a pillow.  Addison got a little jealous and couldn’t get hers out – couldn’t get it plugged in – but finally got some scraps with Amalia’s help and also made a pillow.  

Twelve came…no fridge…so I made the call to Sears to find out where it ways…After what seemed like an hour on hold, I was told that I was #5 on the delivery list and they were on their way to the #4 house.  So I left and arrived in time to hear the coaches summary of the game with the boys.  As we were heading back to the car, my phone rang…yup…they were at my house.  I told them I would be there in 15 minutes (I could tell they weren’t happy with me but…they were late not me!)

The fridge is GREAT!

Addison and I ran to the store to do errands and the rest of the kids stayed home.  I finally sat down around 5 to sew one of the t-shirts and got it finished as dinner was cooking.  Then I had to change the thread in my serger and coverstitch machines to sew the other 2 because they were white based materials.  I have sewn the shoulder seams and coverstitched the armsythe areas.  I was too tired (and knew I’d make mistakes) if I tried to do the necklines tonight so I will leave that for tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow.  My sister Teresa is in town and we are heading out in the early morning to go Strawberry picking.  My kids haven’t ever done that (though I think I went with the two boys one time, maybe). We’re going to try and make ice cream tomorrow after the boys baseball game.


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