This and that…

Haven’t written anything in a while but figured I would catch up a little…

…Went to Chicago for a meeting 2 weeks ago.  Took the kids with me – they had a better time than I did and got to see a lot of the sites.  It was a little cold and rainy but they got to see the Field Museum, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and the last day we walked the Miracle Mile.  Each of them got a surprise and were able to buy something at one of the stores.




Here we are in the airport.  I discovered that TSA will let you do almost anything to get through quickly if you are a single woman traveling with 4 kids.


They were excited to leave and go on an airport.


Riley didn’t like having to go to the American Girl store.  But at least he posed for the picture.  (Yes, that is Matthew’s shoe in the lower left corner)


Here we are at the Lego store (next to the American Girl store!  Bonus American Girl in Legos!)


Matthew got a huge Lego set and proceeded to put it together for nearly 2 hours when we got back to the hotel.


They had an Olaf (from Frozen) stuffed animal at the Disney Store – they all wanted to pose with him.


Even Riley was interested in that picture.


And look… you can see Matthew in the background…he’s warming up to pictures…


The Spongebob squarepants mailbox pulled him out of the background for a picture (Yea!)IMG_1527 IMG_1528

This was a real person dressed and painted like a statue.  The kids got a kick out of him




Last week Matthew had a chorus concert.  I remember doing this while at Junior High School.  Don’t recall them being so bad…of the 10 soloists, only one of them could actually sing.  But Matthew clearly enjoyed himself…



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