Baby it’s cold outside…

and other activities.

Well, we are hunkering down for a cold night tonight.  The weathermen have been getting people all hyped up for today and tomorrow.  This morning was an almost balmy 52.  but they were predicting that it would drop progressively through the day.  By 2 pm, they had postponed and/or cancelled schools all around the city.  Driving home it was still in the 40’s.  It is supposed to be in the 0-9 range for the night and then only go up to 19 degrees’ tomorrow.

I did some sewing over the break to make some Christmas presents and I want to finish them up.  I had gone to the Black Friday sale with my sister Jean at Joann’s Fabric and bought enough soft and cuddle flannel fabric to make robes for me, my sister, and my 4 kids.

i worked hard to finish Denise’s and it came out great.  As I was drinking coffee on Christmas eve, Denise walked by and showed me the threadbare PJ bottoms she was wearing that I had bought her several years before so I whipped up a pair of PJ bottoms.  At times she was talking to me while I was sewing and didn’t notice that I was making something for her.

This is the pattern I am using for the robes.


This will be my next project; I have already traced and cut out the pattern size for the 3 kids who are similar in size (or will grow into that size).  Riley will need to use a slightly bigger size so I will have to trace that out too.

I also have signed on to a couple sewing challenges over the next few months.  One is the RTW Fast for 2014 (Ready-to-Wear Fast).  This is a group who are committing to not buying any RTW clothes this year (except shoes and undergarments).  I don’t buy myself a lot of clothes but I am hoping that by committing, I will actually stretch myself and sew more for myself.  My goal is to sew 2 things for myself each month for a total of 24 pieces.  Last fall I spent a fair amount of time sewing skirts and trying to perfect the fitting of tops.  For the spring, I am going to try and develop a “tried and true” (TNT) pant’s fit and make some leggings.

The other Challenge I have joined is called the “little white dress” contest.  In this contest, you try and make yourself a white dress that is nice enough to go from day / casual to evening / fancy.  You are to post 3 pictures of the dress which is adorned with accessories for both day and night and one of the dress unaccessorized.  I am thinking about making a knit dress in off-white that I can use for graduations and activities this spring and maybe a casual sweater and a lined blazer for the nighttime accessory.  For January, I also have a t-shirt – the Greenstyle Bella Bubble Sleeve shirt – cut out and ready to sew.


These two pieces for me and the 4 other robes is pretty ambitious plan for me – especially since I will be on service 2 weeks in February – and the General Internal Medicine service at that.  But I am excited about it and hope that I can get motivated to do it (and maybe get off of PINTEREST and other website! LOL.

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  1. Happy New Year, Sue! What an ambitious agenda!! Good luck and I can’t wait to see the items you post.


  2. You are amazing!!! Of course, I already knew that before I read this post!


  3. Good job Sue. i am tired just reading what you are doing.


  4. I’ve been using the bag you made me as my purse since you gave it to me. Everywhere I went over the holidays people oohed and ah-ed over it! Love it! My talented boss lady!!!!


  5. Sue,
    If you are looking for something to fill your own tank, there is a great group at the Visual Arts Center who teach Parent-Child classes or just For Yourself. All levels of creativity. Call me if you want to know more. Gayle

    (We could introduce the kids. I live nearby VisArts and they might enjoy hanging out while you’re in class!)


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