A little red dress…

Yup.  Really getting into the sewing thing again.  I actually sat down and did several pieces after work last week (after work, after dinner, after bedtime for the kids).  I threw this together Monday evening for Addi to wear to school on Tuesday.  I used the Anywhere Dress from Gotopatterns again.  I’m hoping to use this to make several variations for both girls as we move from the summer to the fall – some with short and some with long sleeves…My first time trying this pattern, I made this.  I made it without sleeves and she has already worn it about 5 or 6 times.

So Addison is really more girly girl and loves dresses and has been asking me when I would make one for her so I started…


I’ve been seeing all of these tutorials on using scraps of fabric including repurposed T-shirts and such.  We had stopped in to Goodwill a few weeks ago to see if I could find some things to re-purpose.  This dress was made from a 2x man’s button down polo T-shirt – it cost me $1.99.  I forgot to take a picture of the “before”.  I made the size 8 for her which is probably a little big.  She is more like a 7.  But I am going to find a belt and I think she will definitely grow into it.


I love the fact that the top of this dress is lined so I don’t have to worry about the neckline stretching as it is sewn.  I was afraid of the sleeves with Amalia’s dress so this is a step up as I am becoming more confident about sewing knits.  I took a picture of the sleeve but it is all blurry so …not here.  But the went in really easy…I did struggle with the binding on the sleeves and eventually gave up and just did a fancy zig zag on it.

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  1. Congratulations, Sue. It is beautiful and Addie looks great in it.


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