More Sewing…

Amalia has outgrown many of her clothes so she is one of the first people who I am trying to make clothes for this summer.  She is a great model too.  This skirt I drafted using the tutorial here.  I had found this ribbed knit fabric at Wal*Mart and I bought 1 yard knowing I would either make a t-shirt or a skirt.  I decided to make this skirt and wanted to try and use my serger for an entire project.  This lent itself to that.

ImageI decided to serge a decorative hem on it and it turned out to be this scalloped edge.  I am sure I could change the settings to flatten it out but that would require some improved knowledge of the serger – more than I have.

ImageI love how this turned out.  The waistband is perfect for her and makes it fit her well; the tightness is a little snug on her bootie but it clings to her perfectly.


Here are a few more closeups of the waistband.  I think I brought them together really nicely.


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