Addison has a Minnie Mouse thing.  She talks about her as if she is real.  The other day while browsing the sale bolts at Hancock Fabrics, I found this red and white polka dot knit fabric that looked like Minnie Mouse’s dress and bought a yard.  Last night, when we got home, I got started …

I wanted to make a circle skirt and had gotten a tutorial here at MADE and it seemed easy so I thought I would draft my own pattern.  Addison is pretty active so I looked up a tutorial for bike shorts and thought I would put a pair under it.  I used this tutorial from  Craft Whatever for the bike shorts.

So, once I traced the leggings, I cut out two pairs and started to make one of them.  The first pair came out wonky.  Mostly because I have a very poor 3D vision but once I dumped it, I figured out how to sew the other two seams.  Then, after 15 minutes of trying to fold the fabric in order to get the full circle without any seams, I finally did it.

Then gather the skirt, sew the pants inside the waist to stabilize it and then add the elastic banding.  It is so cute and drapes really well on her.  I decided not to even hem the skirt.  She decided to pair it with a “Minnie” Headband she bought last weekend and a blue T.


Amalia wanted her to not “pose” so she started making faces and putting herself into the picture.


Here is the “SPIN”.  Works pretty well.


The skirt has those bike shorts underneath.  I think I will make them a little shorter.  I love the spandex material so I can just cut about 2 or 3 inches off.


Isn’t she a beautiful “Minnie” ?

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