Riley hasn’t had a chance to pitch with this new team.  The same 3 kids pitched the first two weekends but for the last couple weeks he has been coming home and saying that he was pitching the next tournament.  Well, that was supposed to be 2 weekends ago but all of the games were rained out.  So, he has been anxiously going to his practices and practicing.  Well, today was a beautiful day for a baseball game and he knew he was going to be pitching.  Unfortunately, the first team we were playing was the Gladiators.  The Gladiators is a new team that was made by the coach who coached Riley during the allstars when he was 9.  Riley was hoping that he wouldn’t be pitching against them but…he started the game.  I could tell he was nervous as the game started but he was throwing HEAT!  He kept his team close for 3 innings and then he seemed to throw out his shoulder and the next couple of pitches were wild and I could tell he was crying.  Luckily the coach came and took him out.  he wasn’t supposed to to throw anymore but another boy got hit by a bounce into his maxilla and had to leave.   He finished the games in the outfield.   I was so proud of him. 




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