On the edge…


Riley is definitely on the edge…on the verge of growing up.  I love this stage of his life.  This morning he crawled into my bed to cuddle with me and we had a really nice talk about a bunch of things – (including the Dad issue).  We’ve decided to leave it simple and just say “he doesn’t live with us” to the question and – if added questions come up that he will just say he doesn’t like to talk about it.

Later in the day, we were heading out to the girl’s football game and I had forgotten something in the house so I sent him in with the keys to get it.  within seconds he came screaming back to the side of the car!   Here’s the conversation that ensued.

“what is wrong?”

“there were like 5 – 6 wasps at the door”

“so does this mean I have to go in and get the package?”


(so I went into the house and got the package)

“I’m glad to see that there are still some things that I can do for you – even though you are getting to be so big!”

“when I am a teenager, I’ll be able to take care of you, mom!”

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