Friday night fights…

  • Amalia doesn’t want to leave daycare.  Took (literally) 15 minutes for her to get her stuff together
  • Meanwhile Riley gets mad at her not moving it along…throws a sandal at her…
  • Stop at Redbox to get a movie for movie night…all 4 bickering about what to get
  • Attempt to run into Walgreen’s (where redbox is) to get candy boxes for Movie Night – 3 kids scream where are you going?  (almost changed my mind)
  • Get home – Amalia shuts door so Matthew can’t get out
  • She sasses me when I tell her to get her stuff (that she took 15 minutes to gather at daycare) off the floor of the car
  • Get inside and Addison drops her swim bag at the door and goes to change
  • Yell to Riley, Addison and Matthew to pick up swim bags and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Matthew has a complete meltdown that I would dare ask him to pick up the entire box of legos he dumped yesterday (and that I told him to pick up before he went to bed) in the Living Room
  • Matthew runs outside and throws random things in the backyard
  • Riley slaps Amalia in the back because she didn’t get up off a chair he wants
  • Matthew decides he wants to use his ipod touch…he pulls Riley’s off the one working charger…they start screaming
  • I intervene to say he has 1/2 a charge and can wait…he throws a fit but then goes to the living room where he attaches his ipod to the speakers and proceeds to play it loud
  • Matthew has a fit and screams when I ask him to turn it down
  • Riley goes to tell him to use headphones and Riley kicks Matthew
  • Matthew starts raging and continues raging when I suggest he should use headphones…so the speakers get shut off
  • Matthew runs out to the front yard making a sick cow sound; Riley goes out in the rain to apologize to him
  • Riley and Matthew see a rainbow and come back best of friends
  • Mom lays down and puts a pillow over her head.

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2 replies

  1. A melatonin night??


  2. HaHa! I think they fought the fight out of themselves…two girls fell asleep 1st 15 minutes of the movies; Matthew has been listening to his music for an hour and now is laughing at Looney Tunes.


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