Baseball Days

It was another day of Baseball here in River City!  The first game up was Matthew’s at 9 am.  They were playing the top team in the league.  It was a rough first inning where the pitcher couldn’t find his rhythm and the other team got 6 runs.  Matthew’s team couldn’t seem to get their bats going and were losing by about 7 runs through the 4th.  Matthew got up in the 4th and walked.















The next 5 or 6 boys got hits and they came within 2 runs.  Finally the team again rallied during the 6th inning and came within 1 run but alas they were not successful.  Matthew played right field but never had a chance to do anything.


Next up – the girls softball game.  They have enjoyed their season.  Amalia has shown some promise and loves to practice with Riley on hitting.  I think she will be a good hitter as she goes through her seasons.









Unfortunately all Addi does is pose!  She has liked playing but really just does it for the snacks!









Here is Amalia batting…








Finally, we had Riley’s game.  He started in at second base.  His team’s pitcher had some trouble starting and they ended the first inning down 0-4.  The next inning the boy who pitched also had some trouble finding the strike zone.  He let 2 more runs in and midway through the next two innings he let them get another 2 runs and then Riley was up.  He ended up pitching the last 3 innings and did great.  He got into trouble a couple of times, but ultimately got himself out of it.  By the bottom of the 6th, they were down 11 – 4 when they started a great rally and got 6 runs but that ended the game.  Riley was disappointed but really did do great.






















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