Rainy Saturday

The day dawned cloudy but dry.  After the rain on Thursday and chill on Friday I wasn’t sure we would make it.  Up for today – 3 baseball or softball games starting at 10:30 am and ending at 4.

First up – CHoR at VCU for me to see a couple patients.  The kids are really growing up and I was able to set them up in the Pediatric library on the disney channel and was able to see my patients in relative peace.

Then  we hightailed it down the highway to drop Riley off at his practice before his game.  I had forgotten this present I had from last fall for one of the other moms so headed back home and noticed that the sun from the morning was mostly gone – forgot a sweatshirt.

I got back to the Girls field and waited for her coach and some of the kids to arrive and then dropped them off and headed back to Riley’s field.

Got back to Riley’s game just in time to see him make the last out of the first inning  – striking out the batter.  He had been the starting Pitcher!  It was overcast and …umm…cold!  Everyone had sweatshirts and blankets – I was in a tee.  Watched it for about an hour and headed back to the girls field – as I arrived, it started to rain.

Headed back to the girls game to watch for a half hour but as I arrived, the rain really started and so they called it.  I was between Riley’s game finishing and the start of Matthew’s.  Usually they start an hour early for batting practice but there was no way Matthew was getting out of the car in the pouring rain.

So, we headed down the street to Riley’s game which was still going on – in.the.rain…ugh!  I left Matthew and Addison in the car and walked across the street to the game.  They played 3 innings in the pouring rain!  I had an umbrella but thought I was going to freeze to death.

At the end of the 5th inning, I started to see boys from other teams arriving.  They had not yet closed the fields.  So I left Riley at his field and arranged for a friend’s dad drive him to Matthew’s field when he was done – and we headed back to Matthew’s field.  He was griping the entire time.  I found a sweatshirt for him in the car and had him put this on under his jersey.  It had stopped raining for a few minutes so I finally got him up and out the car door.

They got about 1/2 inning in before the rain started and completed 3 innings before they called it because of pouring rain.  Finally!  Only problem is that they are making it up tomorrow!  Good news is that they were losing and tomorrow they start from scratch.

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