The Marriage of Mr. Q and Miss U

Each year, my children have attended Shady Grove Elementary School for Kindergarten, they have had this ceremony towards the end of the year to teach them that Q and U always stay together.  They call it the wedding of Mr. Q and Miss U.  They have a cute little wedding ceremony and all of the kids get dressed up to play different parts…bridesmaids, mother of the bride, father of the bride, groomsmen, flower girls, etc…

This year, Addison got picked to be Miss U.  I can’t think of someone who would love it more!  I ran out the night before and lucked out by finding a dress in a re-sale children’s clothes store for only 19.95  (and it was a little short but otherwise fit her perfectly)!

She was a beautiful bride and loved being the center of attention.  She said her lines perfectly and got everyone to laugh and smile.  At the end of the ceremony we all went back to the classroom for some wedding cake and punch and the class had their first dance.  I think Addison certainly will never forget that Q and U go together.


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