Back to Earth

Got back home on Sunday.  Just in time to find out that the 3-4 weeks I was thinking I had between basketball and baseball was really 1 week.  1.freaking.weak of not having to rush home to drive someone to practice –1.freaking.weak that is going from 1 practice a week to 3 weeknight practices a week.  The girls are on the same team but the two boys are on different ones.  This leaves me with 3 weeknight practices and 3 practices each weekend for the next month.  I am not sure that there is enough preparation I can do for all of those meals.  Also some of the boys practices are starting at 7PM – on a school night!  which means we won’t get home until 8:45 pm …eek! 

I haven’t had time to go through all of my pictures to show our trip to Disney but will hopefully do it over the weekend. 

In the meantime, things are heating up at work and I am finishing one grant and moving on to another which needs to be done in a week (and I have 3 practices this week and 3 this weekend!). 

I leave you with a picture that I am stealing from one of my favorite blog sites Rants from Mommyland  – this made me laugh out loud this evening!

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  1. That is hilarious!


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