Getting Ready…

Leaving soon for a trip to Orlando.  The kids have been counting down the days but I have a lot of stuff to do before we go. 

This weekend we have been very busy. 

First, the boys’ basketball team and the girls’ cheering squad had their last games.  We ended up being late for the girls’ game so missed practice but got their just in time for the game.  It was a nice to see the progress all of the girls have made. 

The boys played against a team that looked like they had teenagers on it!  Riley is the tallest one on our team and they had 5 boys who were taller than him.  Despite that, they played great.  It was an amazingly high scoring game.  Matthew was in the thick of it the entire time and ended up scoring 8 points.  Riley score 16 points and showed amazing sportsmanship.  He was guarding a boy who was about a foot taller than him the entire game who was practically semi-pro.  The kid was really aggressive and had his hands in Riley’s face the entire time.  Toward the end of the game, the guy reached around him when Riley was making a fast break to the basket and scratched him across his face – and then tried to grab the ball but Riley grabbed it and right back and scored.  As he was running down the field, I could tell his face was bleeding and he was crying and rubbing his eye.  Despite that, he kept playing.   I was so proud of him.  For the effort, he got two “stars” – one for EFFORT and one for Christlikeness.  He was so cute after because a lot of the kids were emotional about the loss and were crying – he was embarrassed because he had been teary in the game.

This morning, we all slept a little late.  Then, I started cleaning.  I heated up my coffee three times and still only drank about 1/2 of the cup.  I just kept getting bogged down with different projects.  I made Chicken Parmesean in the crockpot to put on when we left at noon for dinner.  It ended up being really great!  Meanwhile, while I was cleaning in the kitchen, Riley folded about 5 loads of laundry.  My God, I finished cleaning and was heading upstairs and he had finished all of the laundry and then everyone put theirs away. 

Then we had the end of season celebration – and then stopped at a couple of stores to get some supplies for the trip.  So, now 1 out of 4 are in bed (Addi got some benadryl for her cold and a bath and is out fast!) and the rest are clean and we have most of the electronics prepped and ready to be packed.  Can’t wait to go to bed.

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  1. Is it possible that I could admire you and your family any more.

    There is wisdom … and then there is unconditional love that gives rise to the kind of wise words that mean you should write the Book of Wisdom. Wise. Love. Mother. Family that was meant to be.

    Enjoy that trip.


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