Night of tears…

It has been a night of fighting/grumping/and bickering.  The kids are swinging between playing and at each other’s throats.  I am totally done – wiped out.  I don’t think there will be much done tonight.  First Matthew and Riley…then Matthew and Amalia…then Addison and Matthew —all with an overview of Riley screaming and bothering everyone and not wanting to do homework.


 I finally gave up and separated them all – which usually works but the “wanted” to play.  It was definitely a melatonin night.  And it worked great because all 4 are in bed asleep at 7;50 pm. 





(on the otherhand, I got some paperwork that has been hanging over my head done this week and I nearly have a clean desk)

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  1. Great picture. Your house sounds a lot like my house. Nothing worse than nighttime bickering and homework!


  2. It’s been a tough couple of days around my house as well. It is hard for everyone to get back to work/school.


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