I guess it could be the opposite…

So, R.  has taken to bathing 2 and 3 times a day.  The other night he was so grumpy and I put him to bed early.  He called down to ask if he could take a bath and so I let him.  He did pretty good without any supervision – well, except for not letting the water out.  Last night – after basketball practice- he had trouble sleeping.  At 10 pm when I went to bed (I’m so exciting, I know- don’t be jealous) he was up in his room making a fort out of all of the pillows.  He asked if he could take a bath and went into the bathroom and proceeded to take one.  This am, he came into my bed a few minutes before the alarm went off and we were talking.  I asked him how he thought we could get him to be less disruptive in the mornings.  He said he would stay upstairs for 20 minutes while the other kids ate breakfast.  As we were heading downstairs – he called and said…Mom, I’m taking a bath.

So, I thought boys got stinkier not cleaner at this age?

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