Decorating the Tree

Yesterday we pulled out the indoor decorations from the attic. This is my most dreaded activity of this season – and if I am honest, has prevented me from decorating on a couple of years pre-kids. (I have to add that putting them away might be a close second in hated activities and has resulted in a Christmas tree being up in February on a couple of occasions as well!)
But, after yesterday, I have to admit that I might have a few years where these activities won’t bother me so much. Why you ask? Well…Riley was so excited to put the tree up that he:
1) Put 2 loads of laundry in the machines and folded and put away 2 loads -so that we could clear the hallway to safely bring the supplies downstairs
2)He went up the attic stairs and handed me down the supplies and he happily went back up there to put the empty boxes away!
This is the first year that he also knows about Santa and we have been talking about him keeping the magic going for his brother and sisters. He has done a good job except for a couple of times where – when angry with me – he has threatened to tell the Santa secret. But he has been able to calm himself enough before he did. Yesterday he was reading to us from the latest “Diary of a wimpy kid” book and he got up and whispered in my ear…”I am going to skip this next page because it talks about the Santa secret”… And then proceeded to read the next page.

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