Finally a weekend off – no calls.  Today is a busy day with grocery shopping and one friends birthday on the agenda.  I haven’t been grocery shopping since November 1st weekend (except for buying the turkey for Thanksgiving)…so we will head out ot Costco to get staples while the birthday party is going on. 

This morning I got up early to do some baking and cleaning.  We had some back up in the sewer outside the house this week so my laundry had built up and I have about 4 loads to do (and hopefully fold and put away this weekend).  I have cinnamon rolls for breakfast in the oven now and am going to buy some supplies for making some Christmas gifts. 

Lunch supplies for the next 2 weeks are also on the list …(there were some sparse supplies and some unusual combinations this week to say the least!).  I have…despite my tendencies toward procrastination and succumbing to the stress of trying to think about what to serve each day…been really successful at making and packing lunches 4 out of 5 days every week of the school year so far. 

Tomorrow we don’t have any defined plans and I am hopeful I can get off my butt and brave the trip to the attic to get the Christmas Tree and inside decorations down and put up.  Next week we start Basketball (for the boys) and Cheerleading (for the girls).  I am going to have to think about what to have for dinners. 

I have nearly finished the shopping list for Christmas.  Just one more present for each of the girls and then some socks and underwear (did your mother’s give you socks and underwear in your stocking each year like mine did?) and candy for the stocking stuffers.  Given that my sister and her kids cannot come to our house this year the tree will look a little sparse but all of the kids are getting one present that they really like / requested and a couple other ones that I know they will like.  I am really trying to stick to the 3 gifts (like the wise men) approach.  They will get extra things from some friends of mine and it is plenty. 

Meanwhile today I ordered a family gift for all of them.  I have been thinking of a Kinect XBOX 360 program but have been wavering about more screen time and saw this today and knew it was the better choice…all of my kids love to sing and dance to music and I (hope) this will give us things that we can do instead of individuals doing games…

This Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System is on sale at Amazon for $59.00 (originally $99) is perfect.  The boys can attach their ipods to it and then we can use the microphone to sing along and practice their moves.  I also bought an extra microphone for $16.99.  I’m looking forward to this on Christmas day.


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