Day 28

I am thankful for finally having one of my projects funded with a contract (finally) finalized after a 2 month fight [ where I thought I might have to let go 2 or 3 of my staff ].

I am also thankful for a “good” meeting today where the course of the meeting went from what I thought (that the funding agency was going to impose further restrictions on the project) to the real reason – that  they want to change the funding source of that project the end result of which will be to be:

… a) less restrictive;

… b) give me more money to hire more people to do the job in more areas of Virginia


… c) guarantee 4 years of funding with no reduction in amount. 

I am not used to walking out of the door actually being optimistic about my job and the work I am doing –  maybe this is the beginning of good times…

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