Day 21

In the “if it rains it pours” category…we got our first cast of the children today. 

Yesterday we spent about an hour at a local playground.  They have a lot of hanging toys and monkey bars.  Amalia was hanging on this handles on rails that you slide down the rail and Riley pushed her down the rails and she fell to the ground.  I comforted her and sent her back to play.  She went to bed last night without a complaint but this morning came down stairs and had a visible lump on the bone above the wrist and pain on moving her wrist.  After getting the other 3 onto their buses, I took her to the ED at work and luckily she was back at school by 10 am – pink cast and all. 

So, I am thankful for the resiliancy of children, the rapid healing of bones (only 3 weeks in a cast), and the contacts at the hospital that allowed her to get her cast in the ED and allow me to not have to have too many follow up appointments before it comes off!

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